Fragments of An Elegy 1990 - 1994
Fragments of An Elegy is a body of work developed over five years of photographing in the coastal regions of the South. This project involved placing myself in environments where the human presence plays a significantly subordinate role to that of nature. In this context, issues of death, spirituality, and the common nature of human life and animal life are explored.
The annual event of the alligator harvest in southwest Louisiana provides a poignant link to my philosophic concerns and comprises the majority of images in Fragments of An Elegy. Investigating the border between human and animal unveils common drives and emotions such as fear, a need for companionship, the instinctual fight for survival, and the shared destiny of death. Entwined within this body of work lies the notion of the immense power of the life force and the paradoxical frailty of its physical embodiment.