Books and Catalogues

Book: On Death
Editors: Kris Graves, Roula Seikaly, Jon Feinstein
KGP, New York, NY, 2019.

Catalog: Transitions: States of Being

Essayist: Curator Kirstie Tepper, "Transitions: States of Being", Zuckerman Museum of Art, 2016.

Catalog: Eyes Open Slowly
Essayist: Faith McClure, "Unraveling: The Elegiac in Eyes Open Slowly", The Light Factory, 2015.

Catalog: Compound Lens
Editor: Sam Yates, University of Tennessee Graphic Arts, 2015.

Book: Rich Community: An Anthology of Appalachian Photographers
Editor: David Underwood, Sapling Grove Press, 2015.

Book: Creatures: Kiernan Gallery, Lexington, VA, 2013

Articles and Reviews

Feaster Felicia. “Felicia Feaster Talks With Atlanta Artist Constance Thalken”, Access Atlanta Podcast, March 2022,

Cullum, Jerry. Arts ATL, "The Shakers, Moon Walks and Fly Fishing", May 26, 2022.

Barcelona Foto Biennale 2018, Space Nau Bostik, Barcelona, SPAIN

Online Exhibition: Now You Don't: Photography and Extinction
Essayist: Stephanie Amon, In The In-Between: Journal of New and New Media Photography, December, 2018.

Website: Muybridge's Horse
Editor: Emma Kisiel, “Constance Thalken: Eyes Open Slowly”, 2017

Flamming, Liz. "Transitions: States of Being", Art Papers, November/December 2016. p.54

Mintz, Donna. "The Thought-Provoking "Transitions: States of Being" Tackles Cultural Appropriation", ArtsATL, October 7, 2016. (illus. p. 3)

Feaster, Felicia. "Georgia Photographers Offer Poetry, Humor, Drama in Group Show", The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, September 13, 2016.

Dozois, Michelle."Pack Rat Treasure: Ordinary and Odd", The New York Times, C1, July 24, 2016. (illus. p. 1)

Peters, Joshua. “Thalken Photos Capture Artistic Side of Taxidermy”, Charlotte Viewpoint, December 13, 2015. (illus. p. 1, 2)

Delia, Sarah. “Eyes Open Slowly Explores Art In Taxidermy”, WFAE Charlotte’s NPR News Source, December 14, 2015. Includes online article with slide show and audio excerpts from interview

Dorothy Joiner. NUMBER: EightyThree: An Independent Arts Journal: "Constance Thalken: Eyes Open Slowly", Summer 2015. (illus. p. 20)

Faith McClure. ArtsATL: "Constance Thalken's Eyes Open Slowly Profound Meditation on Mortality at Whitespace", May 28, 2015. (illus. p. 1, 2, 4)

Dan Weiskopf. BurnAway: "The Afterlives of Animals: Constance Thalken at Whitespace", June 9, 2015. (illus. p. 1, 2, 3)

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Felicia Feaster. Arts Critic ATL: ""My sweet, sweet," A Dark, Funny, Icky, Outstanding Show at Agnes Scott", February 23, 2011.

Harper, Misty. DeConform Magazine: “Feature Artists Interview”, Issue 4.1, 2007, p. 4 - 5. (illus. p. 5)

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